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Hulk is tired of your shit

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Welcome to Britain

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By Susan Jamison

Drowning Dress, silk, embroidery, lead weights, 2013 

In tribute to Virginia Woolf (who wore an overcoat with its pockets full of stones and drowned herself)


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Ziegfeld Follies dancer, Irene Delroy. Alfred Cheney Johnston (c. 1927).
One of Broadway’s brightest, brunette Delroy (1900-1985) was completely wasted by the new audible motion picture industry in 1930. The star of the 1927 edition of the Ziegfeld Follies, Delroy headlined Oh! Sailor Behave (1930) as a social climber falling in love with a newspaperman in romantic Venice. Delroy suffered in comparison with her Broadway counterpart in the role, Claudette Colbert.

Bolton Abbey, North Yorkshire by Bits n Bobs on Flickr.